Body Sculpting

bodysculpt-handpieceLet’s face it; we have all wished we could drop a dress size or fit into that favorite pair of skinny jeans that no longer zip up without a struggle. While exercise and healthy diet are essential, sometimes no matter how hard you hit the gym that last few inches just refuses to budge. Before you throw up your hands in frustration and vow to live only on carrots and celery for the next three months, there is a faster, more effective option. Ultrasound (ultrasonic) Body Sculpting, a non-invasive fat removal procedure, may help you get the body you want – minus the crazy diet or feeling like you have to live on the treadmill.

Ultrasound Body Sculpting permanently removes fat cells on the:

  • Abdomen
  • “Love handles” or flanks
  • “Saddle bags” or thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Inner knees

Wondering how the extra few pounds are going to disappear?

Ultrasound Body Sculpting is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound waves that create bubbles which gradually grow and implode when they reach a certain size. The energy in the form of heat is passed safely through our skin tissue and released when it comes into contact with our body fat. This causes the fat to liquefy while leaving nerves, veins, muscular tissue and skin tissue unharmed.  After a treatment your body naturally processes and permanently removes the destroyed fat tissue.

ultrasonic-cavitation illustration

Invasive fat reduction procedures, such as liposuction, typically come with certain surgical risks (like infection) and are associated with significant recovery time. But unlike surgical fat reduction procedures, ultrasound body sculpting is non-invasive and clients resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

What to expect

Following an initial consultation with one of our fully trained and qualified technicians, your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs. Each treatment usually takes around 40 minutes. During this time a small paddle is simply moved over the area you wish to contour or smooth. When performed by a trained and certified professional using advanced equipment such as Body Lab Northwest’s, Ultrasound Body Sculpting is capable of achieving remarkable results using ultrasound, diode laser or lipolysis or a combination of these techniques.

Ultrasound Body Sculpting may help you fit into the jeans you thought you would have to relegate to the back of your closet, but it’s not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Ultrasound Body Sculpting is however a quick, easy way to help you slim down and lose that last inch helping you get the body you want.

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