Who We Are

We are a beauty, wellness and body sculpting company focused on providing innovative fat reduction and body sculpting treatments. We utilize the latest in ultrasound body sculpting technology as well as the most current laser and radio frequency devices in the marketplace. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and offer many pricing and treatment options for every body type and budget.

Our mission is to educate and perform new, non-invasive, safe, pain-free and affordable body sculpting and beauty rejuvenation treatment services. We aim to help pave the way to the body you desire with long-lasting results [hr]

Meet our Estheticians

IMG_1221-Edit Carmelina Whiley

Carmelina is a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician having over 10 year’s experience in the health and beauty industry.  Trained at the Gene Juarez academy and the Euro Institute for Holistic Skin, she studied extensively in European skin cares principles.   She is trained and certified in Ultrasound, Diode laser, Lipolysis and Radio Frequency treatments for body sculpting and beauty rejuvenation.

Carmelina enjoys working with people who are ready to make an investment in their health. “I firmly believe that everyone should always feel fantastic in his or her skin. I’m a mom myself, and I know how hard it is to find time for my beauty needs!” Carmelina understands people’s often hectic schedules and strives to be available to meet everyone’s needs. “As a mom, I also understand that sometimes the extra body weight we inherit after giving birth can be challenging to shed.  We might need that little extra boost to help us get back on the path to our desired body.  I’m looking forward to being that guide and helping you achieve your body contouring goals.” [hr]


tesspicTessa Andrews

Tessa is a licensed Master Esthetician. She graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care and furthered her education at the Washington Laser Institute.

After obtaining her Business Marketing degree at EWU, she chose to make a career change and go into esthetics, which is a field she is truly passionate about.  She has always appreciated and had an interest in skin care and enjoys being part of a team that uses new and innovative technology to help clients obtain maximum results.

She truly cares about helping and educating each and every person she works with and strives to ensure that they receive a great treatment. She also firmly believes that what you put into your body goes hand in hand with what you put on your skin, and it is important to understand that and to strive to live a healthy lifestyle. [hr]

Meet the Owners

IMG_1249Adam and Nora Knight Ross (and River)

Adam and Nora Ross are passionate outdoors enthusiasts which is the draw that keeps them glued to the Pacific Northwest.  Both have careers in the health and medical fields.  Having earned her Masters in Health Sciences in Maastricht, Netherlands, Nora also works at  a sleep medicine clinic in Bellevue, WA.

When we first became aware of the extraordinary technology combining ultrasound with fat reduction, we really could not believe that it was possible.  After extensive research and demonstrations, we saw it working with remarkable results and knew that we could help a lot of people with these treatments. Our vision was to open a clinic that people can come in and have a relaxing, spa-like experience with an emphasis on holistic utilization- and leave with a few inches off their waistline!

When we first met Carmelina and Tessa and learned that they were immersed in a natural approach in treating their clients, we knew that we wanted them to be a part of our staff at Body Lab Northwest.  Additionally, their extensive knowledge in lymph drainage and the cardiovascular system all tie together, ensuring that each person that walks in our doors will be treated on a uniquely individual level and walk out with great results.[hr]

The Clinic

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